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My name is Vanessa Sotto, 33 years old, married and mum of two beautiful human beings. I am from Brazil but have been living in London since 2007.

My passion for photography started when I was a little girI. I remember my mother trying to hide her film camera from me because  otherwise i would take pictures all day. For me, the fact that I could freeze a moment forever was magic, and that is exactly how I fell in love with photography. I started taking pictures as a hobby, registering families & friends events but when my first daughter was born was when i decided that I wanted to do it professionally.

My work is based upon a passionate belief in the value and importance of photography. I believe that good photography can hold a key to a memory and transport us back to a time and a place, to a person and a feeling. Great photographs remind us how things were and make us value how things are now. 

I love capturing moments of love and joy andI want to help you to create unique timeless photographs that you will treasure forever.

My goal is to make you smile and provide you with a fun and uplifting experience during the session. I am passionate about my job as a photographer and value what I do and what I give to my clients.

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